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Know every technical detail you need to know about your system's hardware
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Knowing all of the hardware and software components that comprise your personal computer is not enough to know their true performance. AIDA64 Engineer not only tells you every technical detail you would like to know about every piece of your 64-bit PC, but it also provides you useful real-time information on how they perform, in isolation and combined with other components.

This professional diagnostics and benchmarking tool goes beyond simple curiosity – the information it provides, useful as it is for everyone interested in it, is in itself a tool that IT professionals can use to make the most of the hardware they have to assess and maintain. It not only displays every single technical detail about any conceivable component of a workstation or server, but it also provides information about networks, databases, Windows configuration, security, etc. Hence probably its tag price.

The program’s interface is neatly organized in various areas, each of them working as a menu with several related options. You will find, on the panel on the left-hand side of the main interface, entries to the various components of your computer, the motherboard, the operating system, the server (when available), your system’s display, any multimedia attached to it (including the codecs installed), the storage devices, etc. In terms of software, there’s also a whole section devoted to it, with subsections for your OS startup, the programs installed, their licenses, the file types available on your computer listed by extension, or the desktop gadgets installed on your PC.

Probably one of the most sought-after sections or areas is the one containing the various benchmark tools available. Here you’ll find up-to-date information about the memory read, write, copy, and latency; CPU-related benchmark integers, such as Queen, PhotoWorxx, ZLib, AES, and SHA3; FPU Mandel and SinJulia, as well as FP32 and FP64 Ray-Trace. AIDA64 Engineers uses its own data processing tasks and mathematical operations to check your computer in terms of performance, component by component.

On top of that, the program counts with a stress test utility that displays in a graphical form how your 64-bit multi-thread computer works when taken to the limit. These include hard disk, SSD, and OpenCL GPGPU video stress testing.

AIDA64 Engineer is a tool for true professionals and IT engineers that need to know every bit and piece about the hardware and software they are responsible for. This tool offers different versions for different needs – Extreme, Business, Network Audit, and Mobile Devices.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers a neatly organized structure of components
  • Displays up-to-date benchmark information
  • Monitors your system in real time
  • Performs thorough stress tests


  • The trial version does not show all data
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