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Aida64 Engineer is a tool specially designed to provide IT professionals and other users with facts about the hardware and software of a given computer, ranging from its name to installed DLL libraries. The application has a very intuitive and well-designed interface, suitable for not only engineers but inexperienced users as well. One of its advantages is that it can create personalized reports containing selected information about your computer.

If you are a developer, you can access very useful statistics about your graphics card and installed 3D rendering libraries, as OpenGL. Another feature that I found particularly handy is the possibility to easily check if there are any BIOS or driver updates. The application is also capable of creating a backup copy of your computer system and save it on a server.

Moreover, the system stability test monitors the hardware while it performs a series of complex calculations. At the end of the test, it lets you save the results in a file that stores info about temperature, cooling fans, voltages, CPU clocks and other related statistics, which you can analyze later. Besides, it allows you to consult a benchmark list of computers, ranging from the most to the least efficient in relation to a specific hardware component, which helps planning hardware upgrades.

In case your computer works as a server, the application gives you network-related information, such as shared folders and files, users and account security requirements. Moreover, in relation to those resources, you can view what users are allowed to access your computer and what PCs are currently connected to yours.

In general, Aida64 Engineer is a complete tool that can become pretty handy for almost every user seeking to know more about his computer performance and hardware. It is important to know that the above-listed features are but a few of those available from the application. Luckily, the possibility of using the command line is among them.

Pedro Castro
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